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As our governing body, OCWSL will adhere to the Mass Soccer Return to Play Guidelines.


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If you're not currently on an OCWSL team and are interested in entering a team or being added to our player pool, email us at oldcolonywomenssoccer@gmail.com (the New Player/New Team forms on our website is being updated). For new players, if you provide your name, email, cell phone number, position(s) you can play, and a description of your soccer experience (do you currently play, how often, what previous experience do you have, etc.) we will add you to the player pool so team reps can reach out to you directly! New teams, please reach out and let us know you're interested in entering a team so we can provide you with more details (include costs & deadlines) about how to do so. Our season is scheduled to start after Memorial Day on 6/1 and runs through the second week of August. Can't wait to see you all out on the field this summer 💙⚽🙌🏾 #ocwslisback #summersoccer #summer2021 #womenssoccer ...
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We're happy to announce that we're planning to play this summer!! The next league meeting (virtual) is scheduled for April 13 at 7pm. If you're interested in entering a team email us at oldcolonywomenssoccer@gmail.com for more details (sorry our website is in the process of being updated). #summer2021 #soccerisback #womenssoccer 🙌🏾⚽️ ...
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We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping others through our recreational and competitive soccer program.

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