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MidwayVSAbington Depot
23 Jul 2019Reilly Field 6:30pm

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July 2019

MidwayVSAbington Depot
23 Tue
Reilly Field 6:30pm
JP Ryan'sVSDoughboys
23 Tue
Lovell 2 6:30pm
SoccerholicsVSLoonie Team Realty
23 Tue
Daily Soccer Field 6:30pm
Loonie Team RealtyVSAbington Depot
25 Thu
Lovell 2 6:30pm


1 Soccerholics 8 1 1 25
2 Doughboys 7 2 1 23
3 Loonie Team Realty 6 1 3 19
4 Abington Depot 4 2 4 14
5 Midway 1 0 9 3
6 JP Ryan’s 1 0 9 3
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Matches & Results

MidwayVSAbington Depot
23 Tue
JP Ryan'sVSDoughboys
23 Tue
SoccerholicsVSLoonie Team Realty
23 Tue
Loonie Team RealtyVSAbington Depot
25 Thu
MidwayVSJP Ryan's
25 Thu
25 Thu
1st SeedVS4th Seed
01 Thu
2nd SeedVS3rd Seed
01 Thu
Semi-Final Winner 1VSSemi-Final Winner 2
06 Tue
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This is a friendly reminder that decisions about tonight's games will either be made by 4pm or at game time. ...

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We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping others through our recreational and competitive soccer program.

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